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Volunteering Made Fun

VolunCharity is the only app that connects volunteers/donors to charities in a fun and meaningful way!

VolunCharity, Inc. is a Texas non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation with offices in San Antonio, Texas and Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. VolunCharity seeks to create a newly empowered technical infrastructure connecting volunteers and donors with nonprofits, NGOs, and other socially beneficial projects, more easily and seamlessly than ever before.


VolunCharity is all about connecting you to the charities that mean the most to you. We'll help you help the people, animals, insects, or whatever else you're interested in helping.


Everything is better when you're having a good time. Why shouldn't volunteering be the same way!? VolunCharity is a new and fun way to encourage people to help contribute to charities, with time or money. Plus. you'll earn rewards for everything you do!


Anything we do, you'll know about it. VolunCharity frameworks and solutions are open source and licensed under GNU and Creative Commons. We are committed to complete transparency on every level, from our open source code, to our financials, to our daily conduct.

Voluncharity will be coming soon to iOS and Android

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