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About Voluncharity

Connecting good people with good causes

People naturally like to help other people. The problem is that charity and volunteering can be awkward, uncomfortable, and daunting. VolunCharity changes that with a platform that brings charities and volunteers together in a way that is fun, motivating, and easy.

With VolunCharity, organizations can find volunteers and get donations more easily than ever before, resulting in both qualitative and quantitative gains. Volunteers can find charities they’d like to help, via an app that uses gamification to make the process fun, motivating, and fulfilling.

VolunCharity uses leading technologies to make this happen, including blockchain native architecture, graph database, gamification, cloud-native development, and more.  

The VolunCharity board and initial team has more than a century of combined business and technical experience, including years of experience with volunteering at various levels.

our goals

Volunteering made into a game

VolunCharity is a platform to be used by charity, volunteer, and nonprofit organizations, as well as the volunteers themselves. This is an effort to not just collaborate with each other but motivate and encourage individuals to connect with the organizations and do more volunteer work overall within their community. The main purpose of the platform is to add gamification aspects to easily usable applications for the purpose of energizing and rewarding volunteers for their frequent and continued volunteer work through a variety of items.

Volunteer-hour tracking made easy

VolunCharity aims to curb the burden of tracking volunteer-hours currently being done on paper and in-person. VolunCharity will develop an authorization system for hours-tracking that can be easily and automatically captured and exported. This will be used to collaborate with businesses, military commands, legal entities, and law-enforcement. All of this will utilize highly-technical solutions such as location services, two-factor authentication, and blockchain technology in an effort to make the process as seamless and easy as possible.

Optimizing the charity/volunteer process

VolunCharity is implementing a process to easily donate to charity, volunteer, and support nonprofit organizations on the platform through its applications. This will attempt to expedite and increase donations to any given charitable organization.

VolunCharity, Inc. is a Texas non-profit corporation with offices in San Antonio, Texas and Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. VolunCharity seeks to create a newly empowered technical infrastructure connecting volunteers and donors with nonprofits, NGOs, and other socially beneficial projects, more easily and seamlessly than ever before. VolunCharity frameworks and solutions are open source and licensed under creative commons. 

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